Star Chew French Bulldog Toy


Going on a vacation with your Frenchie? Well, make sure to arm yourself with some fun and interactive toys for your little dwarf!

  • Cute star shape
  • Durable and made of latex
  • Acts as a toothbrush
  • Squeaky sound 

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Why Do We Like This Star Chew French Bulldog Toy?

This toy’s design is super cute: 

It comes in star shape – and vivid orange and green colors. 

The toy is made of latex. Why? 

Latex rubber dog toys are comprised of safe, non-toxic materials that are robust enough to tolerate “rough” play. While not as long-lasting as softer toys, vinyl dog toys are robust and chewy, nonetheless.

These are interactive toys, too, meaning you can use them to play with your Frenchie. This toy produces a squeaky sound, which will make your Frenchie play with it all day long. 

And yes, star shapes are the perfect sizes for French bulldogs!

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