French Bulldog Feeding Mat


Let your Frenchie solve puzzles for hours by hiding their favourite treats in this feeding mat!

  • Resistant to tearing 
  • Soft fleece cloth
  • Multiple different layers to hide food into
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Machine-washable

Why Do We Like This French Bulldog Feeding Mat?

This feeding mat will make your Frenchie sniff around and look for hidden treats for hours! 

It’s perfect for mental exercise and keeps your Frenchie occupied while relieving stress and anxiety. What’s more, the mat will help train your Frenchie’s scent – and you could also use it when playing outdoors.

The soft fleece material is resistant to tearing and features several different layers of cloth in which you can hide pieces of food or your Frenchie’s favorite treats.

This interactive feeding mat is available in different sizes and patterns. As for maintenance, you can hand wash it or put it in the washing machine. 


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