French Bulldog Bone Toothbrush Chewing Toy


This bone toothbrush will keep your Frenchie’s oral health on point. You can finally say “Goodbye” to that doggie breath!

  • Perfect for cleaning teeth and gums
  • Can be used as a toy feeder 
  • Made of soft-but-durable TPR rubber
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Suitable for teething Frenchies

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Why Do We Like This French Bulldog Bone Toothbrush Chewing Toy?

This toy is great if you have a teething Frenchie that chews on everything and everybody. It’s also highly versatile: 

Your Frenchie can play with it, chew it for hours, or eat food and treats from it. 

The best part’s that you can also add some toothpaste inside the bone, and it will clean your Frenchie’s teeth – all while keeping them entertained for hours.

The bone is made of TRP rubber, which is flexible and soft but durable. Your Frenchie won’t be able to tear it up that easily. 

The zig-zag bone design of this toy is also great for fast eaters. It will slow down your pup’s eating – and prolonged chewing could also help decrease anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation and well-being.

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