Carrot Rope Toy For French Bulldogs


If your little dwarf can’t stop chewing on cables and other things around the house, it’s time you buy them a replacement – like this carrot rope toy.

  • Super-cute design
  • Durable and made of cotton
  • Acts as a toothbrush
  • Perfect size for French bulldogs

Why Do We Like This Carrot Rope Toy For French Bulldogs?

Not everyone knows how rope toys like this one can benefit your Frenchie’s teeth and gums. You see, the threads on rope toys serve as dental floss for dogs – keeping their teeth clean. 

Rope toys are also beneficial because they massage your Frenchie’s gums, remove food particles lodged in their teeth, and, in turn, lower the likelihood of plaque build-up on their teeth.

This carrot rope toy is made out of cotton, and it’s super tough and durable, which is great if your Frenchie is a tough chewer. It’s also the perfect size for Frenchies, measuring around 22 centimeters (8.7 inches), and, most importantly, it’s non-toxic. 


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