Shark Hoodie French Bulldog Costume


Who’ll be the scariest and the cutest little shark this Halloween? Your French bulldog, of course!

  • Adorable costume design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made of soft fleece
  • Warm
  • Available in five sizes (XS to XL)

Why Do We Like This Shark Hoodie French Bulldog Costume?

This Halloween costume is about to attract a lot of attention at this year’s Halloween party! 

However, even though this is a Halloween costume, your Frenchie can wear this hoodie any time of the year. So, it’s versatile – which is a big plus.

This adorable shark costume is made of soft fleece material, and it’s plushy and comfortable. Furthermore, it will surely warm up your Frenchie when those cold winter days roll around. 

The costume also features a firm set of fins on the back of the outfit and some scary, sharp teeth and eyes attached to the hoodie’s front. So cute, right?

For added convenience, this sweatshirt for dogs has a high-cut, stay-dry tummy and a leash hole.


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