Halloween Headwear For French Bulldogs


Can you imagine how your trick-or-treaters will be scared once they see your little fur baby wearing this Halloween headwear?

  • Scary and unique design
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Lightweight
  • Made of plastic
  • Universal, one size fits all

Why Do We Like This Halloween Headwear For French Bulldogs?

This Halloween headwear collection is about to scare everyone at the party – and probably a few trick-or-treaters that stop by your house on Halloween. 

The pieces are made of plastic and lightweight, meaning they won’t bother and irritate your Frenchie. 

The base of this headwear is a plastic headband that features different objects – such as ax, chopper, syringe, and scissors. 

And oh boy, do they look believable!

The headband comes in only one size (L) – but it’s the size that fits all, so no worries there. 


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