Lion Headgear Frenchie Costume


Let your Frenchie’s inner lion come out with this lion headgear costume – and let them roar this Halloween season!

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Plushy mane 
  • 100% polyester
  • Adjustable fit 
  • Features ear holes

Why Do We Like This Lion Headgear Frenchie Costume?

You can now quickly transform your French bulldog into a scary lion with this lion headgear costume!

It’s a one-piece costume made of polyester and spandex blend – and the lining materials are smooth and comfortable for your Frenchie to wear. The costume has shiny, premium-quality hair – oh, and the attached ears are plushy and soft.

The headgear also comes with two holes for the ears – meaning your Frenchie will be even more comfortable wearing it. 

The costume also comes with an adjustable elastic string that goes around your dog’s neck and can reduce the pressure on its head.


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