Riding Santa Christmas Frenchie Costume


Make room – Santa’s in the house! This adorable costume features a riding Santa that will make you smile anytime you see your Frenchie walk by around the house.

  • Has a velcro strap
  • Made of acrylic material
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Available in four sizes (S to XL)

Why Do We Like This Riding Santa Christmas Frenchie Costume?

Christmas is a magical time of year for all of us – and naturally, you want to make it special for your Frenchie, too.

This magical costume features a riding Santa on your French bulldog’s back and also has a hoodie with reindeer horns. 

The costume is made of acrylic material, and it’s perfectly safe and comfortable for your dog to wear. It comes in multiple different sizes – and you can take it on and off your dog quickly as it comes with a velcro strap. 

You can also adjust the costume, so it’s more comfortable for your fur baby. 

Get this – and take Christmas with your Frenchie to the next level!


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