Halloween Witch Frenchie Hat


It’s always good to have a few Halloween costumes so that your Frenchie can be the main star at the party when October rolls around. And this witch hat is perfect for it!

  • Halloween-themed hat 
  • Yellow and black colors 
  • Different designs available
  • Adjustable elastic strap 
  • Lightweight and soft material

Why Do We Like This Halloween Witch Frenchie Hat?

Turn your little pooch into a witch in no time with this Halloween-themed witch Frenchie hat!

This hat comes in two colors – black and yellow – and features different sewn shapes such as a pumpkin, a spider, and a witch. The black version has more details – and comes with a belt and a bow tie.

The material is soft, meaning it won’t irritate your Frenchie’s sensitive skin.

This witch hat features an adjustable elastic strap that goes under your French bulldog’s chin and has two 22-centimeter cut-outs for your pup’s ears. Do note that it comes in one size – M – only. 


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