Striped Frenchie Baseball Cap


When the sunny summer afternoons roll around, there’s one thing you need to think about – and that’s how to prepare your Frenchie for hot, sunny weather. Well, this cap is all you need!

  • Summer-friendly and breathable
  • Protects your Frenchie from the sun
  • Adjustable loop and ear holes
  • Corduroy and mesh material
  • Available in different colors and sizes

Why Do We Like This Stripped Frenchie Baseball Cap?

When those long and hot summer days arrive, your French bulldog will need to wear proper clothing for protection. This summer-friendly striped baseball cap is ideal for sunny days as it is made of corduroy – and very lightweight, too.

It features two holes for the ears – and the edges around the holes are well-padded so that it doesn’t irritate your Frenchie’s delicate skin. 

The hat also features mesh sections, allowing your pooch’s skin to breathe and minimizing sweating and discomfort. 

The super cool sailor stripe design also comes in three different colors – blue, red, and khaki – and features an adjustable loop that goes under your pup’s chin.

The cap comes in three sizes, too. So, before placing your order, measure your Frenchie carefully!


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