Birthday Cake Frenchie Cap


Your Frenchie’s birthday is one of the most important days for you. So, why not show it to the whole world with this unique birthday cake Frenchie cap?

  • Cute design in the chape of the birthday cake
  • Joyful colors
  • Velvet material
  • Adjustable fit 
  • Available in two different sizes

Why Do We Like This Birthday Cake Frenchie Cap?

It’s time for you to go big for your Frenchie’s birthday this year and show your love for your fur baby to the whole world – if you haven’t already

This unique birthday-cake-shaped hat will make your French bulldog a star of the night and cause everyone in the room to focus their attention on your little puppy!

The hat comes in two styles: 

The first style features a hat in the shape of a birthday cake with a few candles on top, while the other one has fruits instead of candles. They also differ in colors – the base of the hat is either tiffany blue or pink. 

The hat features an adjustable loop that goes under your dog’s chin. It’s made of velvet, and it’s warm, comfortable, and oh-so-plushy. Oh, and you can choose between two sizes, too!


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