Adjustable Baseball Frenchie Cap


Here’s a fashionable way to protect your dog from the sun or rainy weather!

  • Adjustable 
  • Multiple different colors and prints
  • Features earholes
  • Breathable
  • Available in two sizes

Why Do We Like This Adjustable Baseball Frenchie Cap?

Every Frenchie parent knows how sensitive our little pups can get. That’s why our Frenchies must have adequate clothes for every occasion and time of the year.

This super cute baseball-style cap is perfect for sunny days – it protects your pooch against extremely hot weather and sun rays. However, you can also use it as an accessory for your pup – even on rainy days.

The design of this cap is impressive as it features two holes for the ears and an adjustable non-elastic strap. It also comes in two different sizes (S and M) – and you can choose from multiple prints and colors.


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