French Bulldog Pig Plush Toy


Your Frenchie can now have its own pillow and feel that much more comfortable and snuggly during your weekly movie nights!

  • Cotton and polyester filling 
  • Soft and plushy
  • Cozy
  • Washable

Why Do We Like This French Bulldog Pig Plush Toy?

If you’re one of those Frenchie parents that love to please their little dwarfs and make them feel comfortable whether they’re lying on the couch or the floor, then this big, plushy toy will be a must-have.

This big piggy plush toy comes in one size- and it can act as a pillow or a soft and cozy bed for your Frenchie. 

The toy’s stuffed with PP cotton – a mix of cotton fibers with artificially made polyester fibers. It’s super plushy and elastic, making it so comfortable to lay on all day.

You can choose between four different pig face expressions, and each one is super cute! If you wish, you can hand wash the toy – or put it in a washing machine at low temperatures.


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