French Bulldog Tooth Cleaning Chew Toy


With this toy, your Frenchie will not only have clean teeth but a lot of fun, as well!

  • Quality materials
  • Smart design
  • Versatile use
  • Four different colors

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Why Do We Like This Tooth Cleaning Chew Toy?

As French bulldog parents already know, Frenchie’s two favorite activities are sleeping and eating. This toy will forever change their lifestyle, though!

It’s specially designed for Frenchies – and it’ll keep them occupied for hours. The toy is also versatile: 

You can play with your Frenchie, or they can play by themselves, and you can also put some food in it and transform it into a food dispenser. 

Food dispensers are great if your pup’s a fast eater, and they can also help build their mental skills. What’s more, these kinds of toys are excellent boredom-busters – fantastic for your Frenchie. 

It’s worth mentioning that this chew toy is not made of toxic material and is perfectly safe for your sensitive little dwarf. It comes in four different colors – red, green, blue, and turquoise – and two sizes, which is excellent if you have a growing Frenchie pup.

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Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red


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