French Bulldog Fleece Printed Blanket


This comfy blanket will warm up your Frenchie in no time! It’s very versatile; you can use it as a cover for your furniture, the back of your car, or your pup’s bed.

  • Available in three colors
  • The perfect size for your Frenchie
  • Cute print
  • Machine wash/dry
  • Plushy and warm

Why Do We Like This French Bulldog Fleece Printed Blanket?

Whether you want to use it as a cover for your favorite piece of furniture, or you want to tuck in your Frenchie, you, or any family member, this blanket is a perfect choice!

The blanket comes in three different colors – red, pink, and green and it features a cool and oh-so-cute French bulldog print all over the fabric. 

Your Frenchie is guaranteed to feel warm and comfortable as this blanket is lightweight and made out of 100% cotton. It’s also the perfect size for our little four-legged friends!

Last but not least, the blanket’s machine-washable and can be dried in the drying machine. Isn’t that neat?


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