3D Shaped French Bulldog Pattern Blanket


Are you about to go skiing or planning a vacation? If the answer is affirmative, then you’ll definitely need this incredible 3D Frenchie blanket!

  • In the shape of Frenchie’s head
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • A unique gift
  • Beautiful print
  • Four different sizes

Why Do We Like This 3D-shaped French Bulldog Pattern Blanket?

This blanket is so unique that we guarantee people will ask you where you got it! It’s perfect to buy it as a gift for any Frenchie lover, as well.

The blanket comes in four different sizes – the biggest one is enormous and can cover you, your partner or family member, and your Frenchie! The print is very realistic, and the colors are vibrant.

As for the material of this blanket, it’s lightweight, making it perfect for use all year round. It’s made out of polyester and velvet, which gives this blanket a silky feel. Furthermore, it’s also quilted and lightly filled for extra coziness!

The blanket is washing machine safe; just make sure you wash it at low temperatures.


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