Coral Fleece Soft French Bulldog Blanket


The winter days are perfect for a picnic or other outdoor activities. However, you – and especially your beloved Frenchie – will need a cozy blanket to warm you up. This one is a perfect fit!

  • Perfect size for your Frenchie
  • Three different colors
  • Interesting and cute print
  • Soft
  • Lightweight

Why Do We Like This Coral Fleece Soft French Bulldog Blanket?

What does your Frenchie love more than food – besides you, that is? Cuddling and sleeping beside you, of course! 

This blanket’s just the right size for your furry companion and will warm them up in no time.

The blanket is made of coral fleece, which is ultra-comfortable and super fluffy to touch. We bet your Frenchie won’t separate from it.

Also, it comes in three different colors. You can choose from red, pink and green. The design is also worth mentioning as this cartoon-style illustration is beyond adorable!

Lastly, you can wash the blanket in the washing machine at low temperatures – although we recommend handwashing it.


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