French Bulldog Blanket And Bedding Set


All French Bulldog parents know just how much their little dwarfs like to sleep – that’s why your fur baby absolutely needs this Frenchie bedding set!

  • A bedding set – blanket, pillow, and bed
  • Cute print
  • Joyful colors
  • High-quality material
  • Extra soft and comfortable

Why Do We Like This French Bulldog Blanket and Bedding Set?

This three-in-one bedding set is all your Frenchie ever needed! It features a bed, a blanket, and a pillow. 

The blanket and the pillow are made of quality material called super soft crystal velvet. This material is, as its name suggests, ultra-soft and cozy. The pillow is filled with lamb wool, and the whole set is just perfect for cold winter months.

The print features an adorable illustration of little Frenchies in different yoga positions.

The bed cover and the pillow are removable, and the blanket is rather versatile as it can be used both as a mat and a cover – depending on your Frenchie’s weight and size.

Oh, and the entire set can be hand-washed as needed.


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