Eeyore (Donkey) And Winnie Pooh French Bulldog Hat


Cartoon-inspired clothing never goes out of style – transform your fur baby into one of the two most loved Winnie Pooh characters!

  • Cute cartoon-style design
  • Adjustable loop
  • Protects against cold weather
  • Made of soft fleece material
  • Hand-washable 

Why Do We Like This Eeyore and Winnie Pooh French Bulldog Hat?

With this Winnie Pooh and Eeyore winter hat, your Frenchie will become the cutest dog in the park!

The hat comes in two styles inspired by the famous cartoon – Winnie Pooh and his donkey friend, Eeyore. Both hats are made of fleece, soft on the skin, and warm enough to protect your Frenchie’s head, neck, and ears from cold weather.

The cute hat also features an adjustable elastic drawstring that goes under your Frenchie’s chin for extra security.

They also come in three different sizes – S, M, and L – so make sure to take your Frenchie’s measurements as accurately as possible. 

Do keep in mind that the hat is hand-washable. 


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