Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest


You know how sometimes your Frenchie pup hates wearing a jacket because it limits the movement of their front legs? That’s why we’re happy to present this Waterproof Winter Quilted Vest!

  • Completely waterproof design
  • Three color options 
  • Hole for the leash included
  • Five available sizes (S to XXL)

Many of the Frenchie winter jackets out there are very good-looking but aren’t too comfortable for your Frenchie. 

And for those super-picky bulldogs out there, this waterproof quilted vest will do the job. 

This vest is waterproof, ensuring your pup will remain warm and dry in the snow, and it comes in three colors – purple, red, and blue. Oh, and it’s available in five different sizes, too.

To top it off, it even features a hole for the leash – which can be closed with the zip fastener for extra warmth!


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