Pilot Leather Jacket


Pilot jackets are so IN this season – with plenty of different colors and styles – and your Frenchie deserves one, too!

  • Warm, leather-and-fur combo
  • Three color options
  • Four available sizes (S to XL)
  • Fancy bronze zipper 

Pilot jackets with a bronze zipper have been trendy for a couple of seasons now – and it’s easy to see why: 

They’re warm and good-looking. 

This pilot leather jacket for Frenchies comes in three color options – coffee, black, and brown – allowing you to pick one for your pup that will match your jacket! Cool, right?

It’s easy to put on, thanks to the zip fastener, and given the four available sizes, it will fit just fine on your pup. And to top it all off, the jacket is lined with faux wool – which does a fantastic job of keeping your Frenchie warm and toasty, especially when paired with the jacket’s leather-and-fur design.


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