Frenchie Jacket With Overalls


There are moments when the temperatures are so low, your Frenchie might simply refuse to go out – but this jacket with overalls will convince your pup it’s OK to go outside!

  • The pants are removable
  • Available in two fancy colors
  • Five available sizes (XS to XL)

Deep snow and below-zero temperatures can get pretty uncomfortable for your French bulldog – but there’s something you can do about it: 

Get your pup this jacket that transforms into overalls when needed, covering your pooch’s hind legs and keeping them extra warm. 

What’s better, the jacket comes in two pretty fancy colors – silver and gold – to make your pooch shine brighter than snow. 

And with a variety of sizes, from XS to XL, you can ensure your pup is nice and snug in the new winter jacket!


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