Strawberry French Bulldog Jumpsuit


If you’re not the winter type, you’re surely reminiscing about summer every now and then. So, why not dress your dog in these cute, playful strawberry PJs for a change? That way, every time you see your Frenchie, you’ll think of sweet and warm summer nights – and realize that it’s never too cold for strawberry ice cream!

  • Available in seven sizes 
  • Two different colors 
  • Warm
  • Made of cotton

Why Do We Like The Strawberry French Bulldog Jumpsuit

This yellow PJ has a seamless strawberry pattern printed and comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. In addition, it’s made of 100% cotton – and it’s super comfortable. 

Oh, and it’s easy to wash, too! 

Your fur baby will be warm during the cold winter days, which is the most important thing for these adorable little dwarfs. All Frenchie parents know it.

The material is easy to adjust, too, so you can even roll the sleeves to make them shorter. 

Keep in mind that sizes can slightly deviate from the ones in the chart, so if you have a growing pup, it’s better to buy a few sizes larger.


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