Silky Duck Frenchie Pajamas


After bathing your Frenchie, one of the best parts is drying them and dressing your pup in comfy PJ before bedtime. And what can possibly beat this cute duckling PJ? 

  • Available in seven sizes (XS to XXXL)
  • Made of a silk-like material
  • Cute ducky design

Why Do We Like The Silky Duck Frenchie Pajamas

This PJ comes in navy blue color and features a seamless duckling pattern all over the cloth. Moreover, it’s made of silk, and it’s super lightweight. The best part is that it won’t cause any allergies – and it’s gentle to your dog’s fur. 

The size range is impressive, going from XS to XXXL, so you should easily find an adequate size for your Frenchie following the measurement chart. 

The PJ also features a wide V neckline and a few buttons, making it a lot easier to dress and undress your pup as needed. The sleeves are short and double sewn. 

So, if you like elegance with a touch of cute, this one is for your dog!


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