Cute Animal Print Frenchie Sweater Pajama


Have you ever wondered what would make your French bulldog look even cuter? This O-neck PJ is some of the cutest from our collection – that’s for sure. 

  • Versatile outfit option 
  • Cute print
  • Many different colors and designs 
  • Available in five sizes (XS to XL)

Why Do We Like The Cute Animal Print Frenchie Sweater Pajama?

This model comes in four different colors – gray, pink, white, and blue. Even more so, every color features a different illustration pattern. Fantastic, right? 

This model of PJ is more of a shirt – but with long sleeves. It’s warm and comfortable, and it’s a perfect fit for indoor wear and outdoors, making it super versatile.

The materials used are fleece and cotton – and it’s thicker for extra warmth. It’s safe to wash at low temperatures, and it doesn’t stretch. 

All the models come in sizes from XS to XL; just make sure to take proper measurements of your Frenchie. 


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