Holiday Maple Hoodie Sweater


The holidays are a time for festive sweaters – so get your Frenchie a Holiday Maple sweater to match!

  • Organic wool and natural coloring
  • Five available sizes (XXS to L)
  • Pullover-style hoodie 
  • Suitable for winter weather 

Festive sweaters are a staple for Christmas, and getting one for your French bulldog can be so charming! 

This sweater comes in two colors – royal blue and red – and five different sizes (from XXS to L), making it easier for you to pick just the right one.

The sweater has a hoodie for more warmth – and it’s made out of all-natural, organic cotton and dyed with natural colors. 

Overall, one of the best winter-time outfits you can find for your Frenchie pup!


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