Rainbow Knitted Jumper


On those cloudy winter afternoons, cheer your pup up with the rainbow knitted jumper for a pop of color!

  • Acrylic material
  • Convenient hole for the leash
  • Turtleneck design
  • Five available sizes (S to XXL)

With the turtleneck-style design, your French bulldog pup will be extra toasty during the winter months. This jumper is double-knit to make sure Frenchies are as warm as ever!

And don’t get us started on the jumper’s colors!

It comes in five different sizes – from S to XXL – making it possible to find the right one for your pooch. The jumper’s made of acrylic material for maximum durability – and better yet, it comes with a hole in the back to hook up the harness to the leash.


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