Ugly Dog Sweater


“Ugly” or festive sweaters, as some like to call them, are a must-have during the winter holidays – for your family and your Frenchie!

  • 13 different patterns and colors 
  • Six available sizes (XS to XXL)
  • Easy to put on, pullover-style

Festive sweaters are all the rage during the winter season, and your Frenchie ought to get one, too. Luckily, the Ugly dog sweater comes in 13 different designs for you to choose just the right one – and ensure your pup matches the rest of your family. 

It also comes in six sizes – from XS to XXL – to fit snug around your pooch, with the perfect hole for the chubby Frenchie’s neck. The sweater is relatively easy to put on – which is something every pet parent will appreciate!


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