Christmas Frenchie Costume


Why Do We Like This Christmas Frenchie Costume?

As all of us French bulldog parents already know, Frenchies are a sensitive breed that can easily suffer health issues. That’s why it’s so essential to have a few pieces of clothing for your little dwarf so that they can be warm during the winter days.

This super cute Christmas costume is exactly what your Frenchie needs! 

The costume comes in two styles – elk and sheep. Both outfits are super easy to take on and off your dog and are made of thick and oh-so-soft fleece material. 

The costumes are also warm and comfortable to touch, so they won’t irritate your Frenchie’s delicate skin. 

They come in six different sizes – from XS to XXL. If you have a growing puppy, it’s always a better idea to purchase a bigger size.

Dress your Frenchie for the Holiday season with this super-cute Xmas costume!

  • Soft material
  • Warm and comfy
  • Choose between elk and sheep
  • Available in six sizes (XS to XXL)


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