Fried Egg Print Frenchie Pajama Jumpsuit


Warm and cozy weekend mornings are best spent in PJs, drinking a cup of coffee or eating your favorite breakfast, right? And, of course, your four-legged family member has to stay warm and cozy, too, on those cold winter mornings – and this PJ model is everything you need!

  • Three different colors 
  • Made of cotton 
  • Comfy
  • Available in six sizes (S to XXXL)

Why Do We Like The Fried Egg Print Frenchie Pajama Jumpsuit?

Whether you want to dress your dog for an indoor activity or perhaps some family brunch at a nearby place, this PJ is perfect for the occasion. 

It comes in three colors – red, green, and blue – featuring oh-so-adorable fried egg patterns. 

This PJ is practically a jumpsuit, and it fits your Frenchie’s body perfectly, covering it entirely – all while being lightweight yet very warm. It also features double ribbed elastic cuffs on the neckline and the sleeves.

The material is 100% cotton – and it’s washing machine friendly. 


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