Denim Jacket With Fur Collar


Denim jackets lined with fleece are popular these days – and the Frenchie edition of the jacket will make sure your Frenchie steals all the attention in the dog park!

  • Available in light and dark denim
  • Five available sizes (XS to XL)
  • Snug around the neck for extra warmth

The denim jacket is usually intended for the fall, but this jacket is lined with extra-thick fleece to keep your Frenchie warm during winter days, as well. The jacket even has a snug faux fur collar to protect your pup’s neck from the cold!

The jacket is available in light and dark denim to best suit your preference and style – and plenty of sizes, too. 

Despite the freezing temperatures, your Frenchie will enjoy the winter in this jacket – and what’s even better, it’s easy to put on and take off!


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