Heart Winter Sweater


No better way to tell your Frenchie – and the entire world – that you love them than with a Heart Winter sweater!

  • Turtleneck-style sweater 
  • Adorable heart on the back
  • Made from organic cotton
  • Five available sizes (XS to XL)

This gorgeous turtleneck-style sweater with the heart on the back is made out of 100% cotton to keep your Frenchie warm during the winter days. 

The small neck hole is the perfect fit for the French bulldogs’ short necks – plus, it comes in five different sizes – from XS to XL – to accommodate all Frenchies in the world.

The sweater is knitted, and it comes with a convenient hole on the back for the leash. 

Our Heart sweater is limited edition – so hurry up and get one for your Frenchie!


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