Minimalist Dog Sculpture


The minimalist sculpture is for all of you looking to add a discreet and sophisticated – yet fancy – piece of decor to your minimalist home!

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Minimalist and subtle design
  • Suitable as standalone or wall art
  • Made of metal 
  • Inspired by abstract, single-line art 

Why Do We Like The Minimalist Dog Sculpture?

If you prefer having a minimalist, highly sophisticated living space, it can be difficult to praise the pets in your life when most of the sculptures feel a bit “too much.” That is why the minimalist dog sculpture is the ultimate piece of home decor – thanks to the single-line, all-black design inspired by abstract art!

This piece of art can be hung on the wall – or it could stand on its own. Feel free to get creative! Best of all, it’s suitable for outdoor use, too.


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