Mermaid French Bulldog Life Jacket


This cute mermaid-style life jacket will keep your fur baby safe in style!

  • Three different colors available
  • Has a cute fishtail
  • Wrap-around fit
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Grab handle and D-ring for a leash
  • Neck pad 

Why Do We Like This Mermaid French Bulldog Life Jacket?

This Mermaid-inspired life jacket is one of our favorites from this collection. Why? Because it’s stylish and adorable – but above all, the design of this life jacket is super-smart.

First of all, this life jacket comes in three different colors – green, blue, and pink. 

The jacket includes a neck pad that keeps Frenchie’s chin above water, and there’s also a rubber handle if you ever need to grab and pull your pup out of the water.

The velcro straps located on the neck and back are perfect for adjusting the jacket for more comfort – and there are two safety buckles just in case. 

You can also attach a leash on the D-ring or hang up the jacket after your French bulldog is finished with swimming so that it can dry faster.


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