Enamel-Alloy Frenchie Pendant & Necklace


These Frenchie pendants feature a modern design and colorful patterns – ensuring that your outfits never go unnoticed again!

  • Handmade necklace
  • Variety of colors available
  • Suits all occasions and styles
  • Made of enamel alloy
  • Rhinestone detail

Why Do We Like This Enamel-Alloy Frenchie Pendant & Necklace?

The pendant comes in purple, pink, blue, multi-color, black, and brown – so you have a variety to choose from here.  

One of these trendy, attention-grabbing colors will undoubtedly fit your style and taste – and that makes this Frenchie-inspired necklace the perfect statement piece for every outfit!

That’s not where the great news end. 

Each pendant is handmade, and it features a rhinestone heart right where your Frenchie’s heart is. How adorable, right? 

Most importantly, the enamel alloy materials will last you for years without sustaining any kind of damage!


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